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Hi Tom,

Please perform the following steps in order to gain full visibility of
the OMSS on RH 3 & 4 PE1855: 

1.) Uninstall OMSA from the system with script. 
2.) Reinstall OMSA one module at the time as described below. 

{Do not install all components all at once!} 
First you can choose Options 1,2 to install the OMSA CLI and the
Web-server and start the services. Then, you can run
again to install the rest of the components. By un-installing OMSA and
re-installing it in the above manner, this problem will be resolved.


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I have bene installing OM on 1855 blades and when i look at the web
front end i don't see information regarding the individual disks like i
would in a discreet 1850 - Does anyone have the syntax to run an
omreport to get the array status for a blade?


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