omreport 4.5.0-335 : no temperature or fans probes on DELL PE1800

Pierre Bourgin pierre.bourgin at
Sun May 14 10:03:58 CDT 2006


I've began to play with omreport to retrieve datas and monitor this server 
(thanks to zabbix).

I'm able to retrieve RAID state of my PERC4/DC controller for instance, but 
unable to retrieve temperatures or fan datas.
(see commands output below).

Did I missed something ? Does someone has a clue ?

I've also tried to play with IPMI, but it's a nightmare (kernel modules...): 
I'm able to retrieve temperatures datas for a few hours only; so the 
temperatures probes are OK.

On this other hand, "omreport" looks like all the simple stuff I need...

thanks in advance for your replies.

% uname -a
Linux brutus 2.6.9-34.106.unsupportedsmp #1 SMP Sat Mar 18 16:08:26 CST 2006 
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

% rpm -aq |grep svradmin

# a working request on RAID controller
% omreport storage vdisk
List of Virtual Disks in the System

Controller PERC 4/DC (Slot 5)
ID           : 0
Status       : Ok
Name         : Virtual Disk 0
State        : Ready
Progress     : Not Applicable
Layout       : RAID-5
Size         : 838.13 GB (899929866240 bytes)
Device Name  : /dev/sda
Read Policy  : Adaptive Read Ahead
Write Policy : Write Back
Cache Policy : Direct I/O
Stripe Size  : 64 KB

Controller LSI Logic/Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra 320 
SCSI (rev 8). (Embedded)
No virtual disks found

# no temps
% omreport chassis temps
Error! No temperature probes found on this system.

# no fans datas
% omreport chassis fans
Error! No fan probes found on this system.

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