Adding disks to an existing RAID-5 volume on a PE 2650 (PERC 3Di)

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This can be done with OMSM which is a much easier to use product than
the afacli that is talked about in the email in question. OMSM is the
storage component of OMSA. The only problematic part become actually
expanding the ext3 file system to take up the whole space on the drive
(if that is your intention). I'm sure Matt or someone else can provide
insturctions and advice about the safety of this operation. 
And I have performed this operation successfully with a server under
load as have our testers.
Patrick Boyd 
Dell Storage Software Engineer 


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Subject: Adding disks to an existing RAID-5 volume on a PE 2650 (PERC

We have a PE2650 with 3x73GB drives in a hardware RAID-5 configuration.
As a workaround for temporary storage issues we added 2 additional 73Gb
drives as a separate RAID-1 volume.  We would like to consolidate the 5
drives in a single RAID-5 volume.  
Can we simply drop the RAID-1 and add the 2 disks to the existing RAID-5
_without_ dropping/recreating the RAID 5 volume?   The OpenManage
documentation indicates its possible but I want to hear from someone 'in
the field' as it where.
This post from the archives doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy:
Basically we just want grow the existing volume.  The server is an
Oracle host and we just want to drop/recreate the data partition without
re-installing the OS and Oracle.
We're currently running RH9 using ext3 with no volume management on the
Linux side.  




Craig Morris

Evention Technologies Inc.

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