No disk reports on OMSA 4.4 under Debian on a PE2850

David McGiven david.mcgiven at
Fri May 12 05:29:54 CDT 2006

Dear Linux PowerEdge users,

I'm trying to make OMSA 4.4 work under Debian sarge but I find problems
accessing the RAID information. Could someone please give advice or share
experience under similar scenarios ?

My scenario is the following :

Hardware :

- Dell PowerEdge 2850, PERC4e/Di Controller.
- BIOS Version : A04
- PERC BIOS Version : H430 (521X)
- BMC Version : 1.40
- Primary Backplane : 1.0

Software :

- Debian Sarge installed with 2.4 kernel (Otherwise It wouldn't boot since
the default 2.6.8 do not provide PERC support)

- Re-compiled a 2.6.15 kernel, taken from debian testing
( Before
recompiling it I removed some useless parts like bluetooth, video4linux,
etc... and activated the REGPARM paramenter as suggested in Pauli
Borodulin's page.

- Now the machine works like a charm with 2.6.15 kernel

- I follow the instructions under :

- I got OMSA installed and I test it :

[root]# /opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/bin/omreport chassis

Main System Chassis

Ok       : Fans
Ok       : Intrusion
Ok       : Memory
Critical : Power Supplies
Ok       : Processors
Ok       : Temperatures
Ok       : Voltages
Ok       : Hardware Log

It works.... But now I try to check the Disk status :

[root at bender root]# /opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/bin/omreport storage controller
No controllers found

Does anybody know what could be the problem ?

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