Issue with PowerEdge 1850 network connectivity

JackHammer19 jackhammer19 at
Wed May 10 12:49:06 CDT 2006

Hello, Mathias,

> > Did you play with the module InterruptThrottleRate settings?  That might
> > make a difference.

Do you have an idea which value I should try?
> >

I'd suggest trying values of 2000 onwards.  In my particular case, a value
of around 7000 seems to get me the best results.

Do you think that your and our problem might have a common reason?

It smells like it.  In the meantime, here's what I tried: we have another
new Dell PE1850 which had not yet been deployed.  I loaded it with Debian
Sarge 32 bit and the web server software and installed it on the network.
Result: identical slowdowns.  So it is definitely not the OS that is at
fault.  I've tried a variety of additional hosts including PCs, other
servers and even a Cisco PIX 515, with the same results.  Dell Linux support
is unable to figure it out either.  The last optin is to change the network
card to another brand of gigabit card, maybe Broadcom.

Anyway, I will post if I do find something.


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