IPMI + VLAN + DHCP on PE 850

Willem de Groot willem at byte.nl
Wed May 10 10:02:56 CDT 2006


Did anyone get this setup working? I suspect a bug in BMC.

Hypothesis: BMC on PE 850 fails to flag DHCP request with the
appropriate VLAN id _and_ it will only listen for packets on the
configured VLAN, so it is impossible to use DHCP and VLAN

Through the BIOS, I have configured IPMI to use DHCP and VLAN id 3.
Using tcpdump on another host I see DHCP requests arriving on the
untagged VLAN (id 2). If I configure the DHCP server to listen on the
untagged VLAN, a DHCP offer is sent back, but seems to be discarded
because another DHCP request arrives in about a minute.

I cannot get IPMI to use VLAN + DHCP to work on all of my PE 850's. It
does work well however on my PE 2850. Both have BMC 1.52 (according to

Can anyone confirm?


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