Fedora Core 5 Support?

Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com
Mon May 8 09:14:08 CDT 2006

A1) I am working on populating both fc5 and fc6 directories in the next
couple days. I resolved my last major build problem on Friday, so can
post shortly.

A2) There is an env variable you can set to get the old "tail" behaviour
back. I believe the var you need is "export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209". I
have raised this issue with the DUP team, but there will be no
customer-visible fix for this for a while.


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> Hi,
> 1. I notice that directories exist (and have for a month or 
> two) called "fc5" and "fc6" at 
> <http://linux.dell.com/yum/software/>. I was wondering 
> whether these might be populated--is it simply a question of 
> rebuilding the "fc4" SRPMS?
> 2. I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on the DRAC 4 cards on 
> some of my
> FC5 boxes. The script to produce the file seems to fail--my 
> cursory glance suggests that the behaviour of something it 
> needs ("tail", IIRC) has changed. Has anyone else noticed 
> this/am I Doing It Wrong/is there a simple place I can find 
> the firmware files to upload using the HTTP interface?
> Thanks for any light-shining :)
> Matt
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