RHE Linux + OMSA integration query

Peter J Milanese PMilanese at nypl.org
Fri May 5 05:05:06 CDT 2006

You are likely speaking of IT Assistant. If so, yes. You can integrate them, and deploy firmware updates and what-not the same as with windows boxes. OMSA used to be a bear on linux boxes but has tamed quite a bit.


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    We have multiple dell servers, some running Windows ( various OS ) and
    some RHE3/4.
    Currently the windows boxes are running OMSA, and there is a single web
    interface to review status of these boxes.
    Can I integrate the Linux boxes on Dell hardware to also be visible on
    this interface. My concern is that OMSA installation is a very heavy
    footprint, thus I was slow to install it.
    At the moment I monitor the following;
    raid status via simple cron scripts, thus losing access to other
    hardware monitoring.
    general linux health via Lemon ( http://lemon.web.cern.ch/lemon/index.htm )
    Thanks for any pointers.

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