Monitoring the RAIDs on Fedora Core?

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Thu May 4 13:12:58 CDT 2006

OMSA is only supported on RHEL releases (Some people have it running on
centos as well...)

You may way to try megamon if you have to run FC.

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> Subject: Monitoring the RAIDs on Fedora Core?
> On Fedora Core (I'm currently using FC4) what software should 
> be used for monitoring the RAID arrays?  I'd like to have 
> something that can alert me when one of my drives has failed 
> in my RAID 5 array.  Currently I just have to periodically go 
> to each server and check if any of the green lights are 
> Orange (on poweredge 2400,2500,2600, and 2800).  I went to 
> and tried to install it, 
> but it told me that it only installs on RHEL.
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