Any suggestions to get best disk I/O performance on PE 2850?

Peter Zaitsev peter at
Thu May 4 00:07:42 CDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 19:57 -0700, Bill Hoover wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the best disk I/O
> performance on a PE 2850?  I have a machine with dual 3.8GHz processors,
> 8 GiB of RAM, six 300GB disks, and the PERC4eDi controller.  I'm running
> the 32 bit version of RHELU3, with the disks configured into a RAID-0
> set.
> We need performance in creating a few hundred 10GiB disk files.
> Tests of the current configuration take about 30 seconds to write a 1GiB
> file.
> Currently we are using ext3 for the filesystem.   I know that using xfs
> will help some, although mainly in things like file deletions.

XFS seems to be much faster in file writes. I was surprised by that as 
you would not expect too much slow down in sequential file write as file
system impact suppose to be minimal... but in reality I've seen XFS to
be twice as fast as EXT3 

Also make sure you use large blocks to write files, ie 8MB - for RAID
this matters a lot as you want to write to all disks in parallel which
might not happen otherwise.

Peter Zaitsev, Senior Performance Engineer

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