OMSA - Blades and their Chassis

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> > As I understand it, IT Assistant monitors all your OMSA clients, 
> > sending alters when stuff goes down, etc. You can add the 
> bladecenter 
> > management module (DRAC/MC) as well and it will monitor that.
> >
> > If Im mistaken, please someone else correct me. We're only just 
> > demoing a bladecenter..
> >   
> OK thanks - in that case it would not really work for us as 
> we can't rely on having to rely on a desktop to monitor 
> something as critical as a blase chassis, i also use Macs 
> rather than pc's so i doubt it would work anyway.
> We currently have over 60 blade chassis so i'm really hoping 
> there is some enterprise type solution to monitor them
> thanks

You can install IT assistant on several systems for redundancy. On MAC, try ViritualPC.. 

But why no just use the DRAC/MC itself?

DRAC/MC - Hardware Monitoring Functions 

 - Get voltage or temperature from each server blades through IPMB interface. 
 - Monitor system fans status and if the fan cabinets have been removed or other impacting air flow condition; Management blade shall set the  maximum value of rpm to system fan. 
 - Monitor redundant power supply status. 
 - Monitor fan cabinet intrusion status. 
 - Get temperature from each I/O Module through I2C.

You will find the users guide for the DRAC/MC here:

Harald Jensås

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