Any suggestions to get best disk I/O performance on PE 2850?

Adam Williams awilliam at
Wed May 3 22:04:10 CDT 2006

Everyone says that software raids are faster then hardware raids.  have 
you looked into that?  What about JFS or reiserfs.  I don't know if they 
are any better or worse then xfs and ext3 speed wise, but you could do 
some tests with dd.

Also how are you writing the files?  Direct I/O or are they copied to 
the server with samba or NFS?  I'm assuming its direct I/O, but if you 
needed faster network access you could get some Intel E1000 network 
cards and use bonding.

Bill Hoover wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the best disk I/O
> performance on a PE 2850?  I have a machine with dual 3.8GHz processors,
> 8 GiB of RAM, six 300GB disks, and the PERC4eDi controller.  I'm running
> the 32 bit version of RHELU3, with the disks configured into a RAID-0
> set.
> We need performance in creating a few hundred 10GiB disk files.
> Tests of the current configuration take about 30 seconds to write a 1GiB
> file.
> Currently we are using ext3 for the filesystem.   I know that using xfs
> will help some, although mainly in things like file deletions.
> Is there any way to split the disks across two channels?  I've looked at
> the documentation, but don't see a way to do that.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
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