PowerEdge 1950 non-optimal memory configuration

Diego_Leccardi at Dell.com Diego_Leccardi at Dell.com
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Hi ya,

Have a look at this:



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Subject: PowerEdge 1950 non-optimal memory configuration

Hi all,

We've a Dell PowerEdge 1950.

We got it with 1G (2x512M) of memory from Dell.

We replaced that with 6G (6x1G) from Crucial.

Now, when the server boots, the following warning message appears on the

Warning the memory configuration is not optimal. Dell recommends a
population of 2, 4, 8 DIMMS. DIMMS should be populated sequentially
starting at slot 1.

Can anyone explain why using 6x1G DIMMs is not an optimal configuration?

Are they any real performance/stability issue with this configuration?

I've checked the system documentation, but it's very poor about this


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