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Hi Folks

The utility is called & can be found here:

Syntax is below (copied from documentation):

Asset Tag Utility 
The Asset Tag utility ( allows an asset tag code for the computer to be entered into NVRAM. 

NOTE: The Asset Tag utility works only on systems running MS-DOS. However, the user can view the asset tag code under any operating system by viewing the System Setup screen. 
Assigning and Deleting an Asset Tag Code in Windows 
To use Windows to assign an asset tag code, hold down the <CTRL> key while double-clicking the Control Panel icon. Then double-click on the Admin icon and follow the directions. 
Assigning and Deleting an Asset Tag Code in MS-DOS 
An asset tag code can have up to 10 characters; any combination of characters excluding spaces is valid. To assign or change an asset tag code, type 
asset at the operating system prompt, and then a space followed by the new number, then press <ENTER>. For example, if the asset tag code is 1234567890, type the following and press <ENTER>: 

asset 1234567890

When asked 
Are you sure? [y,n], press <Y> and then press <ENTER>. 
The computer then displays the new or modified asset tag code as well as the service tag code Dell assigned to the computer. 
To view an existing asset tag code, type 
asset /? and press <ENTER>. 
To delete the asset tag code without assigning a new one, type 
asset /d and press <ENTER>. 
To add a new service tag, type 
asset /s and press <ENTER>. 

Regards, Ciarán

Ciarán Mallin 

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I don't have the link but IIRC its called ASSET.EXE. You boot & run it like asset /s to change the service tag.


On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 16:16 -0400, Benito A. Venegas wrote:
> Hi guys:
> Some weeks ago Dell sent to us a new Mboard for one PE2550, however 
> the technician forgot to change the Service TAG number in the new MB.
> He mentioned to one of my engineer the application to change the 
> service tag is available in site. (Yea..yea..I am still 
> trying to call the guy so he can change it, but I don;t want to wait 
> until the next failure to give explanations to Dell Support on the 
> phone). However I don;t know that name of the file and in all the exe 
> and com files, I will be a full year testing each one of them.
> If some one of you know the Url/Link for this application, can you 
> send it to me?
> Thanks
Greg Dickie
just a guy

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