DRAC 3.20 password reset - Solution

Carl Morgan (DCG RMB) rmb_list at dcgdatapoint.com
Mon May 30 07:44:15 CDT 2005


For those that follow, I have a working solution.

This works for me with SUSE Enterprise 9 w/ PE 2650's and DRAC 3 w/ 3.20
firmware - you may need to modify :-).  The basis is to use the racadm from
the DRAC version 4 solution, this is backwardly compatibly with the DRAC 3
network access.

Crib sheet:

Get the ftp://ftp.dell.com/sysman/om420_lnx_managed%20system_A00.tar.gz
Extract the tar, and then extract (forcibly) the RPMs
 	rpm  --badreloc --nodeps --relocate=/=`pwd` -i <XXX.rpm>

Install the openssl dev package if not already installed for the SSL
	yast -i openssl-devel

Copy the racadm command to a site based home
	cp dell/omsw/rac4/linux/usr/sbin/racadm /usr/local/sbin/
	cp dell/omsw/rac4/linux/usr/share/man/man8/racadm.8.gz /usr/local/man/man8/

Run as root (now needed - no idea why)
	/usr/local/sbin/racadm -r <ip address> -u root -p calvin config -g
cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 1 <new password>
	/usr/local/sbin/racadm -r <ip address> -u root -p <password> racreset

Then you can go on to configure the telnet access / com 2 / /etc/inittab to
get the remote console access sorted.

Hope that helps,


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On Sat, 28 May 2005, Carl Morgan (DCG RMB) wrote:

>> BTW: you can NOT change the RAC "calvin" password within a telnet
>> You can do that only from "inside".

> Normally I would change everything via racadm over the network with "-o
> cfgUserAdminPassword", but without a valid 'calvin pasword' I can't do
> anything.....  Is there anyway round this?

The default root password is always calvin.
If you have upgraded the firmware via a DOS boot disk, the default gets
active, so it should be calvin...

>> Next time, try to upgrade the ERA firmware via tftpd.
>> This way your configuration does survive.

> That would be good - which image do you use on the tftp server - are there
> any Dell docs on the process?

The process is asking for a file firmimg.bm1 or a similar name.
Just let your tftpd write log file lines, and you will see it and can
rename it accordingly.
The .img file itself is part of the windows .exe for the firmware upgrade.
Another Dell typical hassle, but Linux people have to be hardened...

> PS: Seems a little crazy that the upgrade process doesn't do a getcfg ->
> file, flash / reboot / file -> setcfg to me.......

Yes. But I guess we all have made the experience that the process of
upgrading firmware still is some residual of the old DOS empire...

Cheers -e
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke at gwdg.de, em at kki.org)

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