centos vs fedora core performance on 1850

Ben Weir bweir at friendfinderinc.com
Fri Jul 29 15:50:46 CDT 2005

Here is a graphical representation of what i'm talking about.

This is a 2 minute snapshot of both machines.  The green line is 
percentage of cpu time spent on user processes.  The red line is user 
process plus system processes.  Therefore the difference between the 
green and red lines shows the percentage of cpu time spent on system 

On fedora core, the gap between the two lines is very small compared to 


Ben Weir wrote:

>I run several web servers on Dell 1850s with dual 3.0ghz xeon cpus and 
>4gb of ram.  Most machines run fedora core 2 but I am moving towards 
>centos due to stability problems with fedora core.
>The web servers run apache 1.3 and mod_perl and they make heavy use of 
>nfs and mysql databases.
>The problem is that centos is performaing much worse than an identical 
>machine running fedora core.  I have noticed that on centos, a much 
>bigger percentage of time is spent on "system" tasks than on fedora core.
>A typical breakdown for centos would be 60% user, 30% system, and 10% 
>idle.  On Fedora core it's more like 80% user, 10% system, 10% idle.  I 
>believe this is directly responsible for the performance hit on centos.  
>The only problem is I have no idea would could be causing the "system" 
>processes to use so many more cycles on centos.
>Any thoughts on this?
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