Odd, BIOS-like problems with 1400SC

turgut kalfaoglu turgut at egenet.com.tr
Fri Jul 29 12:07:01 CDT 2005

It seems whenever I add or remove a device to our Dell Poweredge 1400SC,
I start getting garbage written to the SCSI disk!

This week, I tried adding another ethernet card to the device, and it 
the partition on the SCSI disk. Normally, this is a busy server that has 
been running
without any problems for months.

The same thing had happened when I tried adding an IDE device to the 
machine, about a year ago.
Again, I had experienced data corruption while writing to the SCSI drive.

Today I upgraded its BIOS from A07 to A09 in hopes that these will cure 
these problems.

Did anyone experience any such problems with their setup?

PS: This server is running on Mandrake 10.

Thanks, -turgut

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