PE2850: debian sarge, 2.6.x and RAID monitoring? (iRt: Re: poweredge 2850)

Christopher Small chris at
Fri Jul 29 08:51:26 CDT 2005

 > we got our first poweredge 2850 a few days ago and I'm trying to get debian
 > sarge with 2.6.x kernel running.

I just got this working yesterday. The way I did it was to install sarge + 2.6.x 
on a random desktop machine, and then build the appropriate kernel *on 
the 2.6 desktop machine*.

I built the new megaraid driver as a module. I then forced loading of the new 
megaraid driver by adding "megaraid_mbox" to /etc/mkinitrd/modules and running 
mkinitrd. This built a working sarge + kernel + initrf that would boot 
on the 2850. I moved the kernel, initrd, modules, etc., over to the 2850 and 
booted it (editing grub, ...).

I could then log into the 2850 (now running and use it to build its 
own kernel.

Assuming I'm not overloaded with requests, I can mail out or make available for 
download a tarfile with a minimal kernel, initrd, and /lib/modules 
directory (~12MB). But doing what I did (once I figured out the best way to do 
it) doesn't take that long.

- Chris
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