FC3 and Dell 2850

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Jul 28 16:30:59 CDT 2005

I am assuming FC3 is very similar to RHAS here.

On RHAS3-64 Redhat told me not to use the SMP kernel on the 2850s as
that was designed for the Opteron and not the Xeon+ CPUs, (ie real 64bit
CPUS and not joke ones from Intel) so the non-smp kernel maybe what you
want as using the wrong one is unstable as I found out.

Try booting with that and run cat /proc/cpuinfo and see if it shows more
than one cpu, this command is for 2.4.x so the path might differ on
2.6.x, if it does show more than one you have smp anyway. Then see if
its stable.

Also make sure you are on A02 bios (unless A03 is out). 



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I didn't see this in the archives so just a heads up.

I have three Dell 2850's with Dual Xeon processors and 2G RAM on which I
have installed Fedora Core 3.  All three will lock up when I start
either twm or xfce along with the SMP kernel (2.6.11-1.14 and
2.6.11-1.35) and try to drag anything with the mouse.  If I run the
non-SMP kernel everything appears to be fine.  The error reported on the
dell LCD is C070 which support tells me is a hardware processor error.
Dell asked me to return one of the machines to their engineering
department so I guess they are taking it seriously.  Unfortunately the
replacement they sent has the same problem.

This only happens if I start the graphics at the console.  So far the
machines work fine in runlevel 3 and VNC is unaffected.

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