jason andrade jason at rtfmconsult.com
Tue Jul 26 16:14:44 CDT 2005

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, John Jung wrote:

>   Because of the ~560GB disks available in each set of disks, 480GB is in
> use.  And because the server I'm upgrading is using LVM to span two sets of 5
> disks, I can't just isolate the contents of the server to a subset of disks.

tape backup and restore ?

>   Right now I don't have the free disk space to move things around.  And
> because of the server's usage, I can't take it down for an extended period of
> time, unless the system blows up.

hmm. :-)

another way yo ucould do it is to borrow a disk subsystem from someone for about
a week (dell may be able to lend you one depending on how well you get along with
your account rep..), transfer everything over to that, do your disk rearrangement
and then just move everything back.

>   1. RAID-0 the 300GB SCSI's, create a new 600GB tertiary filesystem, copy
>      all the content (480GB) to it, and make it the "live" filesystem.
>   2. Use dellmgr to completely RAID-1 the disks from each channel to create
>      five RAID-1 logical drives.
>   3. Use Linux's LVM to create a single filesystem across the 5 RAID-1
>      logical drives, copy the contents to it, and make it the "live"
>      filesystem.
>   4. RAID-1 the 300GB SCSI's and add it to the LVM RAID-1 stuff.
>   Does that sound like a viable plan?

are youcreating multiple raid1 containers because you perceive you will
get some performance benefit (and/or you need more performance?)



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