John Jung john.jung at ugs.com
Tue Jul 26 14:34:15 CDT 2005

Hi Steve,

> On a RAID 1 or RAID 5 system you just replace the dead drive and keep on
> going, no 10 min downtime to change mount points.

   True.  But given that this server started off life as a little 18GB 
server, and now is a 560GB (soon to be 800GB) monster, there wasn't a lot of 
pre-planning for this.  And since this was something that my boss did 
(initially) with no expectation of getting any money for it, the disks were 
incrementally added.  (And the costs of a tape backup unit to properly back 
this thing up is so prohibitively high, that I have to find an all-disk 

   I think that once I get the 300GB disks in and have room to do some proper 
RAID-ing, I think I'll be in good shape.

   My only question remaining is: Can the PERC4/DC do RAID-1 across the 
channels?  Ultimately I want to have:

     Channel 0           Channel 1

     A1 (73)  <-RAID 1-> A2 (73)
     B1 (73)  <-RAID 1-> B2 (73)
     C1 (73)  <-RAID 1-> C2 (73)
     D1 (181) <-RAID 1-> D2 (181)
     E1 (181) <-RAID 1-> D2 (181)
     F1 (300) <-RAID 1-> F2 (300)

   And use Linux's LVM to create a spanned filesystem across the 6 logical 
drives.  Is this type of RAID possible with the PERC4/DC?



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