PE2550 PERC 3/Di afacli raid5 problem

E Y eymaillist at
Mon Jul 25 03:21:42 CDT 2005

On 7/25/05, jason andrade <jason at> wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, E Y wrote:

> it looks like your controller is a little confused - i'm not sure why.
> this is why i try to avoid multiple containers on the same set of
> physical drives :-/  unfortunately leads to additional complexity
> when something goes wrong.


Thx for your reply.

I also think that it is not a good configuration, but it is too late for the

> are you trying to do the rebuild at the bios level only ? or have you
> also tried to do this using afacli ?

Yes, I rebuilt at bios level only.  Since, I am not good at afacli, what is
the good way to have afacli to have it rebuilt?

My draft will be:

1. controller set automatic_failover /failover_enabled=false
2. enclosure prepare slot 3
3. enclosure show slot  to see the slot 3 HDs deactivate
4. unplug the slot 3 HD
5. controller rescan until "enclosure show slot" show missing appear at slot 3
6. plug the HD at slot 3
7. controller rescan until disk appeared by "enclosure show slot"
8. container set failover 0 (0,3,0)
9. wait and hope it rebuild the system partition to 100%
10. container set failover 1 (0,3,0)
11. hope it rebuild the data partition to 100%

Since this is the production machine, I have to schedule the day for 
the build of raid5.  Will the above draft make sense?

> you could try using the afacli utility to possibly partition up the
> replacement disk (i don't have a machine handy to try this on at
> the moment) before you start it rebuilding.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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