KVM's on PE servers...

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In talking to Avocent, they indicated to me that the 2161DS was based on
the AutoView 2000R, not the DSR2010.  

When I asked about integrating our existing 2161DS with the DSR line and
the DSView software, they indicated that it wasn't possible, and that we
would have to replace our existing cabling if we wanted to move to the
DSR line.

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What's the difference between the Dell 2161DS and the Avocent DSR2010??

Aren't these the same unit (Dell openly states that the 2161DS is a
Dell-branded Avocent unit)....

We have both of these in our datacenter and the CIPs aren't
interchangeable and cascading doesn't work correctly (jerky, unusable

This is especially critical when trying to connect a PE 1855 chassis
(which has an internal Dell-Avocent KVM).

What's the scoop? Can I do something to make these play nicely and be

--- Cris

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