Advice please for an aacraid issue

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Sat Jul 23 05:01:15 CDT 2005

Eberhard and list

Thanks for your experience.

I note that quite a lot of people have also seen the same thing but in all
cases the messages in /var/log/messages go on with diagnostic information.  
In my case, there was just one message then nothing.  And looking at
/boot, some part of all available kernels has been fried as well as
grub.conf!!!  Now I am getting a lot of console messages from ext2 - the
boot partition is ext2 - when I try and look at files.

I am using a bespoke kernel with CentOS4.  I think this has a
newer aacraid driver but I also notice that there is 2.8.0 v6095 A10 build
available now, dated 9 June 2005.  I was using 6092 with the latest A20
BIOS on motherboard hardware version A03.  (Why does Dell start all these
with A?  It is very confusing!)  I don't know whether this latest firmware
is a production version of the beta driver announced recently that claims
to have fixed the problem:-))) It would be nice to know that it won't
happen again.

Whichever way, rebooting will either succeed or fail.  If it fails, I have
the CentOS4 disks to re-install and I may take the opportunity to change
away from Reiser3 that is on all partitions this container - the other is
xfs.  If it succeeds then I will carry on but add a few things to my
snapshot backups plus take a copy of the last boot messages file
automatically - which I haven't got so I can't confirm things.
Unfortunately /var/log/dmesg is one of those things that was fried and was
not backed up...

So rebooting will be pretty nervy although there is nothing to be lost.  
I will file a Dell report although last time I had a motherboard failure
it took some time to go through the question and answer routine over the
phone.  I did get a new motherboard eventually.

Any other tips welcome!

Best wishes


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On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

> Hi,
> On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, John Logsdon wrote:
> > PE 2650, Perc3/Di, Container A is RAID1 and container B is RAID5.
> >
> > last message in the logs:
> >
> > ===========================================================
> > Jul 21 02:31:40 unix kernel: aacraid: Host adapter reset request. SCSI
> > hang ?
> > ===========================================================
> >
> > after that, while the system can do some things, there are lots of files
> > that are not available giving
> >
> > ?---------- ? ?
> >
> > for ls -l.
> >
> > Things like / are noted as read-only filesystem, the permissions for /root
> > have been changed to d-wx------ and other nasties.
> >
> > The partitions involved include the following directories, which are all
> > in container A:
> >
> > /boot
> > /usr
> > /usr/local
> > /var
> >
> > So even rebooting is dangerous.
> >
> > Container B seems OK and I have an external USB drive that is working fine
> > - it contains the snapshots so I have a backup of all the important stuff.
> >
> > What is the best way to return this to a working and reliable box?  I have
> > seen mention of replacing the raid card with a megaraid card.  Will Dell
> > do this sort of thing under warranty?  I have seen many reports of
> > problems with aacraid but so far it has been fine.
> >
> > Is there anything I can do without rebooting?
> You can do nothing but rebooting.
> But your chances are best that it will work after booting just like 
> nothing has happened before...
> I guess it is just the old old aacraid driver bug which is triggering the 
> old old firmware bug which did not get fixed, not get fixed again and 
> again.
> > Advice please?
> You will grow up and get old with this bug, I guess.
> Cheers -e
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