OT: source for replacement power cables

Matthew Lenz matthew at nocturnal.org
Fri Jul 22 15:15:34 CDT 2005

As I've mentioned in previous posts we're racking up 7 new dell servers.
all of which have dual power supplies.  the power cables which come with
the servers are ridiculously long.  We have an enclosed cabinet with
dual vertical power strips running from top to bottom.  The distance
between the powersupplies and the power strips is under a foot (atleast
the one on the left is).  I'd like to replace these with shorter 14AWG
cables to reduce clutter inside the cabinet.  I my dell rep and they
have shorter cables but they are still 4.5' feet in length.  I'm looking
for 1-3' cables.  Anyone found a place to purchase 14AWG cables in these
lengths here in the US?


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