will Debian Sarge install?

Paul Puschmann lnx at uzulabs.net
Fri Jul 22 09:08:34 CDT 2005

Matthew Lenz wrote:
> We've got 3 1850's and 4 2850's that were built just about a month ago.
> I just now got a chance to rack them up.  Anyway, I'm curious will Sarge
> install using the install cdrom?  I believe they all have PERC 4e/Si
> controllers in them.  Raid 1 on the 1850's and Raid 5 on the 2850's.
>>From what I've read its seems that it will install just fine but in
> order to enable all the various components I'll need to recompile with
> 2.6.12 or better.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?
You should install with the default 2.4 kernel and then recompile you
My .config for 2.6-kernels in under http://xfce.uzulabs.net/ in the
folder "dell".

Kind regards,

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