will Debian Sarge install?

Pauli Borodulin pauli.borodulin at uta.fi
Fri Jul 22 09:01:58 CDT 2005


Matthew Lenz wrote:
> We've got 3 1850's and 4 2850's that were built just about a month ago.
> I just now got a chance to rack them up.  Anyway, I'm curious will Sarge
> install using the install cdrom?  I believe they all have PERC 4e/Si
> controllers in them.  Raid 1 on the 1850's and Raid 5 on the 2850's.
>>From what I've read its seems that it will install just fine but in
> order to enable all the various components I'll need to recompile with
> 2.6.12 or better.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Debian Sarge installs fine on PE1850/2850s. Before the final version 
there was a problem with discover not knowing PERC's PCI ID, but it was 
fixed before the final version. Even it didn't know the PCI ID, it was 
still possible to switch to another virtual console, type "modprobe 
megaraid" or similar and then switch back to installer and proceed.

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