Debian Kernel 2.6 and PERC 4e/Di

Pauli Borodulin pauli.borodulin at
Wed Jul 20 15:08:53 CDT 2005


Alexander Stolle wrote:
> as I read in the "OMSA for Debian"- doc I'll need kernel 2.6.12 in order to

Thanks for reading my doc! Any 2.6.x should be fine. Of course using the 
newest is a wise choice :-)

> get OMSA up and running. So I downloaded the sources from and
> compiled them with "CONFIG_REGPARM=y", "CONFIG_MEGARAID_NEWGEN=y",
> [...]
> --
> pirot-root : No such file or directory
> /sbin/init: 432: cannot open dev/console: No such file
> kernel panic: Attempted to kill init! 
> --

Okay, the problem here is that you compiled megaraid driver partly as 
module. Yes, I know you did CONFIG_MEGARAID_NEWGEN=y, but you also need 
to set "y" to CONFIG_MEGARAID_MM and CONFIG_MEGARAID_MBOX. Otherwise you 
will need an initrd which would load the driver for you. Just compiling 
the whole driver into the kernel is the easiest way.

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