missing sensors

Jay Wineinger jay at ffsi.com
Wed Jul 20 11:21:21 CDT 2005

Hey all,
    Im running debian sarge (2.4.29 customized) on a PE2650.  I setup 
basic snmp monitoring using  the 4.120 .debs found at 
http://debian.marlow.dk/dists/woody/dell/pool/.   Anyway, it worked fine 
for a couple weeks, but then this morning i started getting errors from 
a cron'd script that checks certain OIDs.  After doing a snmpwalk to see 
what was happening, I saw that instead of 6 temp probe readings, I was 
only getting 4.  And instead of 5 fan readings, I was only getting 3.  
Both CPU temperature probes are gone, as are Fan3 and Fan4 (CPU fans 
looking at 
They are not reading zero, they are simply not in the list.  I logged 
into the DRAC and checked the hardware logs, and it found these entries:

Wed Jul 20 08:10:36 2005   CPU Status 1 processor sensor CPU missing
Wed Jul 20 08:10:36 2005   CPU Status 2 processor sensor CPU missing

After trying a few different things, I rebooted the machine (it is not 
in production right now) to see if that resolved the problem.  It did 
not.  So it would appear that the sensors associated with the CPUs (both 
temp and fans) are simply not registering.  They do not show up in an 
smpwalk nor in the DRAC sensors list.

The machine runs fine, and I have 4 logical (HT enabled) processors 
showing in `top`.

Any ideas?


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