Erroneous yellow lights?

Christopher Fowler cfowler at
Tue Jul 19 17:04:41 CDT 2005

I think the problem here is that the fakeraid driver needs to set a bit
in the card.  Since you are using md then the raid will always show
degraded.  I have a similar problem on a SuperMicro motherboard and
integrated controller.  I did testing of the raid and now the card says
that the raid is "Degraded" and I have no idea how to reset that state.

On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 14:09 -0500, wendy.faulkner at wrote:
> A few months back we replaced a failed disk in one of our Dell 2650's. The 
> replacement worked fine, but the yellow light stayed on, and the screen 
> says the disk is still failed.  Management now is concerned about yellow 
> lights, so I've gotta figure out how to get it off.  The OS says all the 
> disks are fine, OMSA says all the disks are fine, so how do I make the 
> light go off?  Is there something I can reset somewhere?
> W
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