Debian on 6850

Paul Puschmann lnx at
Tue Jul 19 02:18:03 CDT 2005

Gavin Hamill wrote:
> On Monday 18 July 2005 07:49, Paul Puschmann wrote:
>>The Megaraid-modules (from the kernel) are included statically in the
>>kernel. Do you want the kernel .config-file?
> Yes please. Could you also stick the .deb you used on the web somewhere? 

In the folder 'dell' you can find the files.


I included the important into the kernel so I don't need an initrd.
For Compiling the kernel I used make-kpkg (from kernel-package) and set
the following environment settings (/etc/environment):


The Build was done in about 8min on a PE2850 with two Xeon 2,8GHz, 1GB
RAM and HT enabled.

The kernel is ready to use for Dell OMSA :-)

Feel free to test it. The files (on my page) will be deleted in some weeks).

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