upgrading disc capacity

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Jul 18 20:48:42 CDT 2005

Or backup to an external usb drive.....should be cheaper.



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On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Peter J Slot wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a Dell poweredge 2500 with buildin aacraid with 3x18.4 GB
> raid5.
> The machine is running RH9
> Recently one of the disks died. Can I replace the 3x18 GB disks with
> Seagate 36GB discs.
> This by replacing first the dead disc, rebuild array. Change second
> and so on... until I have 3x36 only using 50% of the discs.
> After this I would like to expand the container to use the full
> capacity, is that feasable?

in short, no.

> If yes, what would the procedure be?

see above.

the way to expand would be to back up all your data, replace all the
recreate new containers, restore all your data back.

the other way to do it would be (if i remember the 2500 correctly) to
3 new disks, add them in (the 2500 should take 6 disks), create a new
partition it and then dump/restore or otherwise backup the data from the
first set of disks to the second.  you could then (assuming the previous
was done correctly) remove the 18G disks, move the new disks over, move
around and boot from this.  please note this is a general explanation
code if you will), not step by step instructions.



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