Debian on 6850

Gavin Hamill gdh at
Mon Jul 18 06:13:20 CDT 2005

On Monday 18 July 2005 07:49, Paul Puschmann wrote:

> On a PE2850 (Dual Xeon) I use Debian Sarge with a self-compiled 2.6.11
> (sources from Debian Etch / SID) with the Debian-patches and no
> additional modules. This one works really fine.

I ended up trying to using the binary 2.6.11 .debs from etch since the libc 
should be close enough to make no difference, but no joy.. I've put the whole 
kernel messages at

Robert Goley kindly suggested to try appending 'pci=routeirq' to the boot 
parameters but this made no difference to the pivot_root problem :(

> The Megaraid-modules (from the kernel) are included statically in the
> kernel. Do you want the kernel .config-file?

Yes please. Could you also stick the .deb you used on the web somewhere? 

I have now managed to get a homebrew working on this machine, but I 
feel I've missed a few important options out since sshd won't start (am using 
telnetd, eeeu :) and a 'make -j5 bzImage' is taking 70 seconds, which should 
surely be faster given the four CPUs have 8M of L3 cache?

> Okay, I didn't test usb, since our machine has ps/2 ports...

Understood :)


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