Debian on 6850

Paul Puschmann lnx at
Mon Jul 18 01:49:36 CDT 2005

Gavin Hamill wrote:
> Haha this just gets less and less comical :)
> SMP support is killing the megaraid2 driver...
> I took a fresh 2.4.31 kernel tree, and made two bzImages, identical except one 
> has SMP enabled, and one has disabled..
> The one with SMP enabled spews megaraid2 abort/retry/reset messages on the 
> screen [1] and eventually an oops - the non-SMP kernel boots and runs 
> perfectly.
> I'm sure you can understand my desire to have SMP support on the quad-Xeon 
> computer, though..
> Any ideas?
On a PE2850 (Dual Xeon) I use Debian Sarge with a self-compiled 2.6.11
(sources from Debian Etch / SID) with the Debian-patches and no
additional modules. This one works really fine.

The Megaraid-modules (from the kernel) are included statically in the
kernel. Do you want the kernel .config-file?

Okay, I didn't test usb, since our machine has ps/2 ports...

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