Average Heat Dissipation

Cindy Ellis CindyEllis at superiorpnh.com
Thu Jul 14 17:00:06 CDT 2005

I am looking for an AVERAGE heat dissipation for some equipment that a
client is putting into their server room. I am trying to size an air
conditioner that will cool this room to an acceptable temperature. I
could size it for the max heat dissipation but the client is under the
impression that the AC will be oversized quite a bit. If you could give
me average heat dissipation for the following equipment, I would
appreciate it. They are providing (8)Dell 1650, (1)Dell 350, (1)Dell
2850, and (1)Dell 2200. 
Also...from your experience, what kind of overall percentage do you find
in heat dissipation vs. power input for similar equipment? 
Thanks for your help. Cindy
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