OMSA alert script - Alert, Raid and Sensor data question

Lutz Birkhahn lbirkhahn at
Thu Jul 14 14:02:27 CDT 2005

Robert Oschwald wrote:
> currently I'm implementing an alert script which informs me about OMSA
> alerts. As there are no parameters given by OMSA when calling the script, I
> try to get needful things (alert message etc.) via racadm etc.
> Has someone successfully implemented such queries?

I solved this with multiple names for the alert script (using soft links),
but that only gives the alert type, not any details.

E.g. alert_tempfail is a soft link to the "generic" script omsa_alert,
which starts with

   ProgName=$(basename $0)
   # remove the leading "alert_" (bash syntax):

   case $EventName in
         # alert-specific actions go here

each script is installed with it's specific name, like

   /usr/bin/omconfig system alertaction event=tempfail \


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