net card not seen with Mandrake 10 on Poweredge sc 420

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Thu Jul 14 01:30:19 CDT 2005

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Nicola Boccardi wrote:
> In the Mandrake Control Center, when I try to create a new LAN
> connession, I find "tg3" from the driver list.

Did you select it as the driver to use, or not?

> It means tg3 module is
> already installed?


> And why it seems it doesn't work?

We can't know if it's working if you don't tell us if you selected it to
be used. The fact that the drivers for more than 10000 devices are
present in the kernel doesn't mean they will all be used ... it could be
that the device ID for the card is not recognised (which is why you need
to select it manually).

You should check if the driver has been loaded, by running 'lsmod|grep
tg3' as root. If there is no output, the driver is not loaded, then load
it with 'modprobe tg3', and see what the kernel found when loading the
driver by running 'dmesg|tail' afterwards.

> There's a simply way to fix this problem? I am practice only with the
> Linux GUI. I'm just studing the prompt command interface, so build a
> custom kernel version is quite hard for me.

There's no need to compile a custom kernel.

If you need a newer version of the tg3 driver, I can supply a package
with the driver (if you tell me what kernel you are running  - ie the
output of 'uname -r').


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