Perc4e/DC hanging/corruption problems

Dale Blount dell-lists at
Tue Jul 12 08:13:47 CDT 2005


I have a Dell 2850 running (megaraid mbox  During
very heavy load, the card seems to lock up and stops providing disk
access.  The Perc4e/DC is connected to a PowerVault 220S array with 12
146GB disks in a single Raid10 array (2 hot spares).

I have already updated the firmware to A03 (521S) since I read that this
could fix my issues.  The system bios is also on the current release.
Neither of these have helped - in fact it took less time before failure
this time.  After rebooting last time, the ext3 fs on the raid10 disk
was so badly corrupted that fsck couldn't fix it.

Attached is the kernel log from the incident.  Currently the system
hasn't been rebooted yet (incase access from Dell is requested to
debug), the audible alarm is going off, and dellmgr fails with these

Failed to Know Fw type
Press Any key to Continue.

Error Performing Adapter Enquiry.
Press any key to continue..

No Adapters Found.
Press any key to exit.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated,


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