PE1800 S-ATA RAID CERC6 with RHEL 3 / 4 ???

Salyzyn, Mark mark_salyzyn at
Mon Jul 11 07:02:47 CDT 2005

One of the problems with this class (2.4.* based 64 bit) is the Software
IOMMU. You may have to boot with 'swiotlb=12288' in order to free enough
mapping resources for the card.

RHEL4/CentOS4 does not have this problem.

Sincerely -- Mark Salyzyn

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Subject: PE1800 S-ATA RAID CERC6 with RHEL 3 / 4 ???

Hello all,

Are there any special considerations when using RedHat Enterprise Linux
CentOS) 3 /4 on a PowerEdge 1800 with S-ATA RAID.

I am moving the system from a PE 1600 with PERC2/Si, probably starting
a fresh install, moving config and date later on.

Thanks in advance,


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