PE2650: RH ES 4: sensors_detect freezes machine - TSC cannot beused as a timesource

Peter Kjellström cap at
Mon Jul 11 11:13:39 CDT 2005

On Monday 11 July 2005 15.55, Pauli Borodulin wrote:
> Heya!
> Peter Kjellström wrote:
> > Or even better, IMHO, use ipmitool (if you have IPMI onboard). I'm really
> > not too found of that large software blob called OMSA...
> Lm_sensors and ipmitool are able to monitor only a small subset of the
> system components.

ipmitool on my 1850 gives me the following 64 sensors which I survive just 
fine being limited to:

Temp Temp Ambient_Temp Planar_Temp Riser_Temp Temp Temp CMOS_Battery 
ROMB_Battery VCORE VCORE PROC_VTT 1.5V_PG 1.8V_PG 3.3V_PG 5V_PG 5V_Riser_PG 
Riser_PG Presence Presence Presence Presence ROMB_Presence FAN_1A_RPM 
Status Status Status Status VRM VRM OS_Watchdog SEL Intrusion PS_Redundancy 
Fan_Redundancy SCSI_Connector_A Drive ECC_Corr_Err ECC_Uncorr_Err 
I/O_Channel_Chk PCI_Parity_Err PCI_System_Err SBE_Log_Disabled 
Logging_Disabled Unknown PROC_Protocol PROC_Bus_PERR PROC_Init_Err 
PROC_Machine_Chk Memory_Spared Memory_Mirrored Memory_RAID Memory_Added 
Memory_Removed PCIE_Fatal_Err Chipset_Err Err_Reg_Pointer

> Yeah, OMSA may take about 200 MBs to install (0.6% of 
> 36GB!) depending the components you install, but it's worth it for
> anyone really interested in monitoring their systems. Sure IPMI is fine
> for simple temperature monitoring.

If it was just the space it takes up on disk that would be one thing. But it's 
not exactly one thread, and we're not talking small memory foot print.

But it has it's uses, it gives you a very nice overview and good test/diagnose 


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