graeme crawford graeme at
Mon Jul 11 05:32:35 CDT 2005

Hi Guys,

Managed to sort the problem I was having when certain host where coming 
up as "Unclassified".

I tested this a number of times, it seems that it is better to configure 
snmp with the three entries needed in the "/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf" from 
the snmp configuration on the Documentation CD before installing OM on 
the host.

When I install net-snmp then OM when configuring the snmpd.conf  after 
the OM installation it comes up "Unclassified"

I was testing on  RHEL3-u4.

Thanks Diego and Steve for you assistance.

And thanks Diego for helping me with the Direct attached SAN install the 
other day :)


Graeme Crawford.

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