IPMI and DELL 1425s - why don't they all work??

David Hutton david.hutton at scali.com
Mon Jul 11 05:01:23 CDT 2005


I haven't set up the system bios at all as I haven't set up serial over lan,
for example. BUT in spite of this ipmitool should come back with in
formation. Agreed? Or is there some fundamental/simple issue I've


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| Mr. Hutton,
| Did you follow the instructions available at http://support.dell.com
| available in the user guides?  Did you specifically pay attention to the
| information at
| http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/smbmcmu/1.2/en/ug/bmcugc0
| b.htm#1057560
| ?
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| Hi,
| Installed a cluster of 1425s last week. Using ipmitool 1.8.x I see 4 of
| the nodes - but none with 1.6.x. No problem there - just use the later
| SW.
| Basic setup: master in same rack as 15 nodes, the rest in a seperate
| rack. A single DELL 5324 switch in each rack. Single cable from the 2nd
| rack to the switch in the masters rack. The 4 nodes I could see were
| spread out over both switches. A cross over cable directly from the
| master to a non-working node didn't work either.
| Running RHEL3 U5 ES (WS for nodes). At the start I went into the BMC
| bios on each node and a) reset back to factory defaults and b) entered
| the ip address of the BMC plus netmask (different to the system ip).
| Spoke to a DELL management specialist and noone could think of anything
| I hadn't done. The only clue was 'arp -n' had resolved ip/mac addresses
| for those 4 that worked - but not  the others - 'HW address was
| <incomplete>'.
| So, any more information that may help from anyone???
| (Actually the thing I didn't try was resetting the master bios to
| factory defaults - but I shouldn't have to ...)
| Cheers
| Dave
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