FW: IPMI and DELL 1425s - why don't they all work??

David Hutton david.hutton at scali.com
Sun Jul 10 15:20:05 CDT 2005


Installed a cluster of 1425s last week. Using ipmitool 1.8.x I see 4 of the
nodes - but none with 1.6.x. No problem there - just use the later SW.

Basic setup: master in same rack as 15 nodes, the rest in a seperate rack. A
single DELL 5324 switch in each rack. Single cable from the 2nd rack to the
switch in the masters rack. The 4 nodes I could see were spread out over
both switches. A cross over cable directly from the master to a non-working
node didn't work either.

Running RHEL3 U5 ES (WS for nodes). At the start I went into the BMC bios on
each node and a) reset back to factory defaults and b) entered the ip
address of the BMC plus netmask (different to the system ip).

Spoke to a DELL management specialist and noone could think of anything I
hadn't done. The only clue was 'arp -n' had resolved ip/mac addresses for
those 4 that worked - but not  the others - 'HW address was <incomplete>'.

So, any more information that may help from anyone???

(Actually the thing I didn't try was resetting the master bios to factory
defaults - but I shouldn't have to ...)


Carpe diem ....

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