Accessing the BMC when the system is off?

John Vasileff john.lists at
Sat Jul 9 00:57:38 CDT 2005

On 7/9/05, Andrew Pollock <andrew-dell at> wrote:
> I'm playing around with the BMC and IPMI (using ipmitool), and I've got it
> working, except that when the system is powered off (but the power is
> connected) the BMC no longer responds. I know it doesn't respond to pings at
> the best of times, but when the system is powered up, if I ping it from a
> locally attached box, I get an ARP response. When the system is powered
> off, I don't even get that ARP response.
> I only received the server on Wednesday, but I'm about to ship it off to a
> remote datacentre 1000 kilometres away and probably never physically see it
> again any time soon, so I'm trying to sort out all the issues that require
> me to be able physically be able to reach out and strangle the box before I
> ship it off.

I think there are posts on this list about a clean OS shutdown
disabling the ethernet port, which unfortunately blocks BMC traffic
over the ethernet port.  You may want to search the archives for more

For what its worth, you may want to buy a drac card for remote admin. 
I gave up on the BMC due to problems with SOL and a few other things -
although this was with original firmware.


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