PE2650: RH ES 4: sensors_detect freezes machine - TSC cannot beused as a timesource

Robert Oschwald roos at
Fri Jul 8 10:14:56 CDT 2005

> sensors_detect (as part of lm_sensors) is an ugly and 
> dangerous hack. do you 
> really intend to use lm_sensors?
well, as it's part of RHES4, we thought it might be good to get quick measures
of the temp sensors.
No program should ever lead to a full freeze, in my opinion.

> might, as allways, try to upgrade to latest bios (sorry for 
> stating the 
> obvious)

Full ack.
System is on latest firmware and bios revisions for all components.

What makes me a bit afraid is, that we installed a second processor into the
system and I just want to ensure both cpu's work well.
We got the 2nd cpu from dell for this system, both are on the same stepping
level, so I assume they track which cpu's they used when they ship their


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