DRAC4 oddness and questions

Pauli Borodulin pauli.borodulin at uta.fi
Fri Jul 8 09:07:51 CDT 2005

mjt at nysv.org (Markus Törnqvist) wrote:
> I should have mentioned that I use the telnet interface here.

> It's a lot better than the VGA console which requires me
> to plug in the 100MBps connection at the office, until
> I get around to looking into a VNC connection which is
> still mostly useless if telnet would work.

Nice connection you have there. We're using the DRAC4 web management for 
graphical remote console access, and it works quite nicely even over 
10Mbps. And hey, anyways, you only need it in some special occasions. I 
haven't seen any problems with USB. We are only using 32-bit.

There are some nasty 64-bit problems in Linux. I wouldn't be surprised 
if it's the reason for your grief. Some Opteron people are depressed 
with the situation.

I read the file 
http://mjt.nysv.org/kernelbugfest/netconsole_panic_2.6.12.2 thru'. Do 
you have some kind of watchdog enabled? I have seen the "NMI Watchdog 
detected LOCKUP on CPU0" message during bootup as a symptom for broken 
watchdog stuff on 64-bit x86 servers. Try "nmi_watchdog=0" as kernel 
parameter. If that doesn't help, try disabling all watchdogs from the 
kernel. Also you could try adding "noapic" as kernel parameter on boot. 
Collect some output and report back :-)

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