Can I do remote management with dynamic IP using DRAC

Anil Cheerla acheerla at
Fri Jul 8 08:19:56 CDT 2005

Dear All,


I had recently bought a Poweredge 2850 with Dual Xeon processors (3 GHZ)/2GB
RAM/RAID5 with 3 SCSI drives with onboard ROMB/DRAC card (4th Generation).

I was successful in installing RHEL4 and the Dell OMSA. But I am unable to
access the server remotely. I host the server from home and have a dynamic
IP assigned by 

my cable provider and use DYNDNS to map the changing IP to my domain name. 


I have the following questions:

1. Will I be able to use the Dynamic IP to access DRAC and remotely manage
my server from Office or Elsewhere?

2. Any setups involved in making this happen, if so please provide me the
instructions as I am a newbie to this whole setup process

3. Any pointers to find more info on installing/maintaining Dell 2850 with
RHEL4 (including any application installs - Database/Apps


Any help is greatly appreciated.






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