Short documentation: Dell OMSA 4.4 on Debian Sarge

Pauli Borodulin pauli.borodulin at
Fri Jul 8 03:09:05 CDT 2005


> On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Pauli Borodulin wrote:
>> Do you mean something similar to Dell's approach of compiling the 
>> kernel modules on boot up for the currently running kernel?

Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:
> No I mean something you can:

> # cd omsa-drivers_4.4
> # dpkg-buildpackage
> # dpkg -i ../*deb

For using dpkg-buildpackage, a real source package would have to be 
created. I have no time to spend on this at the moment, but anyone 
interested could look into it. Some hints what has to be done can be 
found from the Debian Policy Manual:

> The idea being that dependency management is preserved and the modules 
> can be moved about as wanted.

I wonder if this will be tricky. Binary-only OMSA driver .deb would have 
to depend on some specific kernel package, because you want to ensure 
that the kernel the driver are going to be used on has CONFIG_REGPARM 
option enabled.

>> This should be quite easy. I just have to write an init.d script which 
>> does some minor checking (sources are available, kernel config exists, 
>> etc.) and then compiles the driver using the I have 
>> already written.

> Yes, that script is very useful. I thought laternatively one could give 
> it the /lib/modules/ directory - from there you 
> could also fish the extraversion in order to put the modules in the 
> right place.

You mean CONFIG_LOCALVERSION? EXTRAVERSION is the one that adds that 
".2" in the end of current stable.

The script does follow CONFIG_LOCALVERSION (and EXTRAVERSION too), 
because it uses kernel's makefiles for module installing. And kernel's 
makefiles work on ".config". I even tested it:

tar jfxv linux-
cd linux-
cp /boot/config- ./.config
[... modified .config: CONFIG_LOCALVERSION="-test" ...]
make oldconfig
make -j4 bzImage
make modules
make modules_install
cd ../omsa-driver-4.4
./ /usr/src/linux-


sarge:/usr/src/omsa-driver-4.4# ls /lib/modules/
dcdbas.ko  dcdesm.ko  dcdipm.ko  dcdtvm.ko

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