OMSA on Xen Kernel

Rob See rob at
Thu Jul 7 13:20:27 CDT 2005


	I'm currently using CentOS (Repackaged RHEL4) on a PE 1750 with the FC4 
Xen0 kernel and OpenManage 4.4. The dcd* modules compiled and loaded 
correctly but I am only seeing a subset of the Main System Chassis 
options through the web interface (Bios, Memory, Network, Ports, and 
Remote Access) When I view the Bios information it shows the 
Manuafacturer as Dell Inc., the Version as unknown, the Release Date as 
01/01/2000, and the Server Administrator Bios Update Supported as N/A. 
What I am wondering is if there are any kernel compile options that 
would cause this behavior (so I could compile a working kernel) or is it 
just because of the nature of Xen ?


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