Short documentation: Dell OMSA 4.4 on Debian Sarge

Nagy Gergely nagy.gergely at
Thu Jul 7 09:20:54 CDT 2005

Excellent documentation.

But I ask for help. Anyone succeeded to install the original RPMs on a
PE1850 with RHEL on x86_64 arch? Then please contact me. 

I need a tar like the one on the page of Pauli from the /opt/ and /etc
directories related to the installed OMSA.

2005-07-07, cs keltezéssel 14.22-kor Pauli Borodulin ezt írta:
> Heya!
> Last week I mentioned on the list that I'm working on a Debian Sarge 
> package of OMSA 4.4. My work is finished for now. You can read the 
> documentation and download the files from the web page I made. The 
> address of the page is:
> Please, don't try it first on your highly important production servers. 
> :-) If you don't have a spare server to use for trying it out, wait for 
> comments about it from others on the list. I hope there will be some. I 
> also really recommend reading the documentation before trying to install 
> the package -- otherwise you wont get far.
> Best regards,

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